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Looking to enrich your knowledge about personal finances while living in France? What is the best personal finance content (podcasts, specialized magazines or youtube channels) to learn about how to take care of your money? 

We will be sharing our preferred ones in this blog so you can save time and start learning as early as today. 

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Why learning about Personal finances? 

We spend years at School and University so we can find a well-paid job to earn money. We spend a big part of our life time at work. Hence, it makes full sense to take care of this money. 

However, managing your personal finances is something not taught at the School. This leads many of us without the basic education and skills about this important point. 

Therefore, it fully relies on yourself to look up for the right content that fits your daily life routine. Podcasts, youtube videos, and magazines are well-fit to achieve this purpose. 

We all have some time available while commuting, during a break, making sports, or at bedtime. 

We find this way of learning very convenient, practical and inexpensive. You would just need to acquire the habit and just after a few weeks, you will notice a big knowledge leap. 

Notice that at the beginning you may feel a bit lost with finance ‘jargon’ or acronyms. Do not get discouraged by that obstacle.  


Criteria to choose a podcast or magazine? 

The first criteria for us would be the ‘authority’ of the source. We want to learn from knowledgeable and experienced people. There are many influencers just looking to gain followers.

Besides checking their background (through Linkedin or similar), you could spot them easily if they are talking about the latest hot stock or crypto currency, sitting next to a pool or driving a fancy car (most likely rented). 

Secondly, we would like to get unbiased knowledge. We avoid content creators whose main purpose is to sell something to us. It is common as well content creators focusing only on one asset type, or country. Just bear this in mind when making investment decisions based on their analysis. 

Another important point to consider will be the duration. We like ‘straight to the point’, direct content. This is rare especially in ‘French’ media 😉 

Having said that, let’s share with you our selection… 

Our top personal finance content selection:

Media name



Our opinion

Finary talk

Youtube, blog


High quality and easy-to-understand content about multiple personal finance subjects. They invite the best French experts, and sometimes analyze random people portfolio. Of course, they slightly promote their app. 

Mieux Vivre Votre Argent (les echos)



A monthly subscription magazine with great analysis and recommendations about stocks, real estate, taxes, etc. 

Le Revenu

Magazine + newspaper


Weekly edition. Very much focus on french stock analysis and recommendations. 

BFM Business

TV show / podcast


French equivalent of CNBC or Bloomberg. Nice to learn the latest news in France and internationally. 

Nicolas Cheron



Great to learn about stock technical / graphic analysis. Not for beginners. 1h+ duration. 

Brian Feroldi



Fundamental stock analysis for those looking to invest in US-based technology companies. 

Zonebourse / Xavier Delmas

Youtube, podcast, website


Great to learn about stocks, investing, and personal finance. Duration around 20m. 

Yahoo finance



Daily 5m podcast to get the latest update of financial markets. Their website and app are super to check stocks and get notifications. 

La Martingale



Lengthy but great content about multiple investment opportunities in France 

La Chronique Bourse



7m daily podcast analyzing financial markets with a touch of humor. 

FT News briefing



Global and financial news, main focus in UK and Europe. 

C’est Votre Argent



Weekly. Panel of experts analyzing global finance markets with main focus in France

Motley fool money



Great podcast to learn about US market

I will teach you to be rich



Super show to learn about personal finance. How to manage your budget and psychology around money. 

Conclusion and final thoughts

We encourage you to keep learning about personal finance. You should acquire financial knowledge, even if you rely on professional finance advisors.

It is very important to understand how to save money, invest it, make it grow, and secure your financial future. 

On the other hand, it is important to avoid over consuming financial content. It leads to confusion, and it will be overwhelming for you. So try to pick your preferred content from our list and enjoy 😉

If you found this blog useful, please share it with friends and follow us in LinkedIn to receive more content like this. You can leave your comments below or contact us in case of any further question.

Please remember that we are not financial advisors. We are just sharing our best understanding based in our own experience. This blog is for educational purposes only. Do not make investment decisions solely based on what you read in this blog. What works for us, may not for you. Do your own research and look for professional service if required. Read our full disclaimer in the ‘about’ page.

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