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Welcome to our blog, dedicated to share our personal finance journey in France with you.

Whether you recently moved in France or you have been here for a while, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

We are a couple of expats living in France since several years ago, and we understand that managing your money in a foreign country could be complex. This situation has left many out of the financial system in France. 

That’s why we’ve created this blog, to share our own experience with practical tips and basic information from savings and investments to retirement planning and taxes in France. In few words, all the general financial information that we would have loved to get when we arrived in France!

Even though we are not financial advisors, we are truly passionate about personal finances and we believe it doesn’t have to be boring or intimidating. 

We collect information from multiple sources, like specialized finance magazines, podcasts, guides, and questions from other foreigners living in France. We add our own experience and we make it simple to share. 

In our blog, the information is freely available for you. You will not be annoyed with ads pop ups, no cookies, or unsolicited calls / emails. However, we do propose win-win referral links from banks, brokers and companies that we use ourselves. By using those links, we all could gain rewards or discounts (see each company referral conditions). 

Finally, if you found valuable information, you can encourage us by clicking on the ‘pay a coffee’ button below. It will motivate us continue writing free content as well if you leave your comments and share this blog with others. 

Thanks for joining us!

Expat in France

About our authors

Picture of Erick Contessi

Erick Contessi

Erick is an Industrial Engineer with more than 20 years experience working for a global french company (part of CAC40) in multiple roles.
Erick moved to France from Venezuela back in 2006. Since then, he has self-educated on the personal finance domain and invested in real estate, stock, crowdfunding, cryptos, bonds, and more.

Picture of Zeri Gonzalez

Zeri Gonzalez

Zeri is an Electrical Engineer with experience in large global companies working in Marketing organization. She has developed skills on savings and budgeting, first while studying and then during her professional life.


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